Identifiers and Linked data in the research space seminar

THOR was part of a presentation last week in Melbourne. The occasion was a seminar on Identifiers and Linked data in the research space hosted by OCLC at  Latrobe University.

As we all know, linked data is becoming a more important issue for libraries, research offices and institutions to manage. Researchers are also having to deal with greater accountability for their research and having to register for different systems to track and manage their profiles, research and publications. The seminar focussed on the role of  identifiers in the research space. A number of experts discussed the work being done to help manage identification of researchers within large databases and how they are making these systems connect to information and research management systems globally.

The presentation from Andrew Treloar looked at the way in which the Australian National Data Service is working with identifiers and taking part in international projects such as ODIN and THOR.

You can watch the presentation online (requires webex plugin)