Sustainability: Key to THOR’s Success

As you may recall from the Knowledge Exchange Workshop presentation, the work of THOR is composed of several strands: Research, Integration, Outreach, and Sustainability. That last strand, Sustainability, fits with our overall theme of persistence. As we strive to optimize future services for and development of persistent identifiers, the THOR team wants to make certain that the work we do will have lasting effects and will be able to be carried on by our partners and the wider research community long after our project comes to a close. Because what good is working to ensure a future of connected research if your own research doesn’t last?

This is why the THOR team is focusing on sustainability right out of the gate. Through our Sustainability work package, we’re developing the means to evaluate, re-shape, and prolong our work from the very beginning, to make sure we’re always on track and working toward a sustainable future. To this end, we’re working on a metrics dashboard, a one-stop shop for tracking the increased interoperability of persistent identifiers over time and for making the efforts and outputs of THOR public. Monitoring persistent identifier development will enable us to chart the future course of Open Science and scholarly communication, and publicizing our self-evaluation will keep us transparent and accountable. Everyone will be able to follow our progress early on, and our project team will be able to iteratively evaluate our efforts to see what works and what doesn’t, and to adjust our course as we move forward.

To make sure that our dashboard is truly measuring the statistics and indicators that are most important to our stakeholder community, and to help inform our outreach efforts and future business planning, we need your feedback. We’ll be holding two half-day focus groups on September 21, the day before the 6th RDA Plenary in Paris. Each focus group session will be made up of experts from our stakeholder communities and will provide valuable input on THOR’s proposed evaluation metrics and indicators of success. If you’re interested in shaping the future for persistent identifiers, and you’ll be in Paris before RDA, contact us to participate in one of the focus groups.