Monitor the Identifier Landscape with the THOR Dashboard

THOR is pleased to announce the launch of a new dashboard tool. Our dashboard will monitor the evolution of the persistent identifier (PID) landscape over the life of the THOR project. Try it out for yourself at

The dashboard is an aggregator of information about the landscape of PIDs. Through the dashboard, you can see how DataCite and ORCID identifiers connect, and over the life of THOR chart the growth of the network of connected identifiers.

The dashboard is meant to provide a baseline for the current state of PID infrastructures upon which THOR will build, giving us a way to track our progress in impacting the PID ecosystem. It currently incorporates statistics from our partners DataCite and ORCID, as exemplars of research object identifiers and researcher identifiers, respectively.

But what you won’t see is all the work that went on behind the scenes to bring you this first iteration of the dashboard. In addition to the development work, a lot of effort went into figuring out which data were – and should – be available for harvest and how best to harmonise the existing metadata between DataCite and ORCID. This effort goes directly into building the foundations of THOR, so it will be reflected in later project outputs as well. A longer report on the development of these tools and metrics is available at

The dashboard will continue to evolve alongside THOR. Check it out and send your feedback, questions and comments to