Webinar Data – Article linking services

On Thursday March 17, 3pm-4pm CET, OpenAIRE, THOR, Datacite, and ORCID will organise a one hour webinar on data – article linking services. Project OpenAIRE aims to support the implementation of Open Science in Europe and will demonstrate during the webinar how they collaborate with DataCite and CrossRef to establish a sustainable e-infrastructure for researchers. By linking article publications with datasets, research visibility and searchability will increase which will lead to a better organised international research infrastructure with less duplication and more opportunities for innovation.

Creating a sustainable international e-infrastructure by establishing seamless integration between articles, data, and researchers is also key within THOR’s mission. Both THOR and OpenAIRE are funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme and during the webinar we will also discuss the differences between the projects and offer you the possibility to provide feedback on how to improve the work that is being done within these projects.

The webinar is open for anyone who is interested to learn more about data – literature linking, Open Access and how the different EU projects are collaborating to establish a sustainable e-infrastructure.

Please register here.