EU Projects Collaboration Meeting – Events and Communications

A range of European and global initiatives is under way to support research practices and sharing in the digital era. To best serve diverse research communities with e-infrastructures and overarching services, Project THOR, in partnership with AARC and OpenAIRE, has organised a one-day meeting on Thursday June 2nd, at DANS in the Hague, to coordinate collaboration with other EU Horizon 2020 projects to identify co-working and cooperation opportunities. The meeting focused on the communication and outreach activities of the projects, and the following projects/organisations were represented: LEARN, INDIGO DataCloud, EGI, EDISON, EuroCRIS, FOSTER, READ, EUDAT, OpenDreamKit, PRACE, OpenMinTed, and LIBER.

It was a great opportunity to get so many representatives of EU H2020 projects altogether in one room and to discuss how to multiply the impact of all project efforts. Of course, all these different projects have different missions and objectives. For example, project THOR focuses on using persistent identifiers to enable an interoperable research infrastructure, OpenMinTed focuses on text and data mining, OpenDreamKit delivers an open digital research environment toolkit for the advancement of mathematics, and there are many more differences. However, all these projects contribute to the advancement of science by further developing and promoting wider use of research infrastructures throughout Europe and globally, and the target audiences for most of these projects overlap.

Some of the projects are already joining forces and organising webinars, workshops and conferences together. During the meeting all projects indicated their planned workshops and events on a timeline, this gave a clear picture for collaboration, and for identifying any gaps, for example if some of the research communities are underserved.

IMG_0606 (2)

Photo: Project representatives adding their workshops, webinars and events to the timeline.

Some of the upcoming events in June and July you don’t want to miss:

Next to events planning, other topics were discussed. For example the use of social media to promote events, the evaluation of events, sustainability of the projects, and how to deliver good quality trainings for all different research disciplines. Next to this, all projects will share other projects’ resources to make sure available training materrials are more widely disseminated and accessible for everybody. Some of the projects have a wide range of online training materials available, see for example the PRACE Training Portal and the EUDAT Training Programme. Keep an eye on all our websites for more training materials!

At the Digital Infrastructures for Research Conference in Krakow, the EU H2020 projects will continue discussions on co-organising events to best serve the entire research community and analyse any gaps. During this meeting, we will also discuss where the projects can support each other on a technical level. We will focus on research collaboration opportunities to make existing infrastructures better connected and interoperable and discuss possibilities of integrating services. By adding functionalities, we will strengthen what’s already there to further advance European research and innovation.


Photo: Project representatives of the various EU H2020 projects.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please get in touch during one of the events or contact us online. Keep an eye on our websites and social media accounts for announcements of more interesting workshops and events!