Assessing the PID Landscape: Where is THOR in Context?

Part of knowing how well THOR is doing is knowing how our work fits into the overall context of persistent identifiers (PIDs) at large. This is why we began the project with an eye toward sustainability and also why we developed the metrics dashboard in the early days of the project. (That report is on Zenodo, if you’d like to read it again.)

Now that THOR has celebrated its first birthday, it’s time to pause and see what the PID landscape looks like now compared to when we first started. Assessing these changes now will help THOR tweak our roadmap for the future, making sure we stay on track for the remainder of the project. All of these assessment and evaluation efforts will eventually turn into a formal report at the end of the project, but we know how hard it is to wait. To tide you over, we’ve released a white paper based on our internal midtrack assessment.

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