THOR Ambassador Update

On October 13, we held a webinar for our ambassadors to update them on recent THOR activities. Tom Demeranville explained more about ORCID integrations at the THOR disciplinary partners, ORCID Work Identifier types and other recent technological developments, such as Datacite’s Event Data and ORCID Auto Update. A preview of what THOR is planning for the remainder of 2016 and in 2017 was given by Josh Brown. Plans include:

  • Further integration of PIDs in production services
  • Improvement of data citation
  • Continuing the research into the best solutions for missing PIDs.

The webinar slides can be found on the THOR Knowledge Hub.

We rely on our ambassadors to help facilitate and spread discussion about recent PID developments. Some of our ambassadors are very active on Twitter and increase THOR’s visibility by (re-)tweeting. Others spread the word about PIDs amongst their networks in person, promoting their benefits at conferences and workshops. And we are also organising our first bootcamp with one of our ambassadors in Spain. In return, we help you keep up-to-date with recent PID developments through email, webinars and newsletters.

It’s great to see how our ambassadors are contributing to achieving THOR’s mission: connecting people, places and things. And the number of ambassadors is still growing. Not just in Europe but on other continents as well. This week, we welcomed another ambassador in Australia. Click here, for an overview of our ambassadors. If you’d like to be part of this community, please get in touch. We’ll be organising an informal get together over lunch on Thursday 10 November at Pidapalooza. If you’ll be attending and would like to find out more about our ambassador programme, please join us!