Hasta la Vista, THOR Bootcamp

With local support from THOR ambassador Eva Mendez, the first edition of the THOR Bootcamp was successfully carried out in Madrid, at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid on November 16-18. The Bootcamp is part of THOR’s outreach effort to engage and train local scholarly communication communities to further adoption of PID services. The full set of slides used can be found on the THOR Knowledge Hub.

THOR colleagues from different partner organizations and guest speakers from local research organizations joined forces to present a full curriculum on PID topics, from existing tools and services to technical and policy implementation. The event attracted more than 130 registrants in total and yielded valuable experience for both the attendees and the THOR project.

The Bootcamp consisted of 3 modules to cater tailored content to different audiences. The first half-day was organized as an integral part of research training for Ph.D. students and other young researchers at UC3M, focusing on Open Science recommendations and the incorporation of PIDs in existing research workflow. Students came from different disciplinary backgrounds and brought with them distinct questions, the Bootcamp provided a great opportunity for us to engage the young researchers’ community and address their concerns directly . 

“I consider the instruments presented along with the seminar an extremely powerful way to collect, share, exploit and advertise the work of a researcher in a way which is mostly new and free from older constraints. The value of the research itself is so, enhanced and collaborations are made way easier in benefits of the results.”

— Rocco Bombardieri, Ph.D. student at UC3M

Ph.D. Students attending THOR Bootcamp at UC3M

The second day was reserved for local information professionals and research data service stakeholders (librarians, researchers, research administrators and policy makers). Their day followed an intense schedule consisting of talks and a mini panel with service implementation experience by ORCID, DataCite and CERN.

Local information professionals at THOR Bootcamp General Day at UC3M

The final half-day offered a more technical tutorial. The self-contained programming module enabled participants to build a metrics dashboard that visualized data interactively, based on the technology used in the THOR dashboard. As a hands-on session designed for non-technical and technical savvy attendees alike, it was great to see how people from a variety of technical backgrounds approached the tutorial and contributed to the ensuing discussion.

Instructors of the Hands-0n Day, Ioannis Tsanaktsidis (left) and Kristian Garza (right).

We aim to establish ties with research organizations and institutions by providing tailored PID content via the Bootcamp series — two more Bootcamps will be held in March and May next year (2017). Stay tuned to find out if we are coming to your neighborhood soon! Or better yet, if you want to organize your own Bootcamp, sign up to be an ambassador and we will provide all the materials that are ready to be reused, plus event planning tips for bringing your local community up to speed with PIDs.