Interim business plan for sustaining the THOR federated PID infrastructure and services

THOR’s approach to sustainability relies on our partners taking on the THOR outputs as part of their regular business activities. This means that these outputs will need to be folded into their operations and will need to be sustained by their regular business models. To facilitate this process and to provide some food for thought for other PID service providers, THOR’s sustainability team was tasked to give consideration to existing business models and our own plans for sustainability.

While we will be considering these things throughout the project, as the first half of the project wound down, our initial progress was collected into an interim business planning document. This first-stage effort outlines our approach to sustainability and discusses the factors that can influence the sustainability of PID programs and services generally. In this document we also raised several open questions that we thought were central to the issue of long term sustainability for PID services. As we progress through the project, we will develop answers to these open questions and present them as part of the final business planning document, to be released at the end of the project.

As always, our reports are archived in Zenodo and available on the THOR website.