THOR Bootcamp in Budapest


We are happy to announce that the THOR Bootcamp tour bus is on its way to Budapest!

On September 28 and 29th, the next and final event of the series will be hosted in collaboration with our friends at the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (DataCite member and ORCID integrator), taking place on its campus by the bank of river Danube, overlooking the magnificent Széchenyi Chain Bridge.

We are excited to bring our work and expertise on interoperable research to the scholarly community in Hungary. The Bootcamp format is designed to bring a mixed audience together, provide an open forum where librarians, research funders and publishers, service providers and developers can discuss the role of PIDs in scholarly communication, consolidate PID use cases, share PID service adoption experiences and explore integration and application possibilities.

THOR aims to transfer knowledge, boost adoption and support PID related strategic planning and technical integration with practical guidance through the Bootcamp series. As usual, we will take the community response to our registration questionnaire into consideration, and tailor the content for you – we intend to have you armed to the teeth with the PID knowledge and tools you need by the end of the Bootcamp!

Sign up here,  see you there!