Fostering Synergies Among Research Projects: THOR and ENVRIplus

Earlier this year, the H2020 projects THOR and ENVRIplus joined forces and organised a bootcamp focusing on integrating ORCID in environmental research infrastructures. The bootcamp was inspired by the ORCID integrations carried out by THOR partners earlier in the project.

Persistent identifiers, including ORCID iDs, are important elements of any research infrastructure. They are used to identify data, people and other entities persistently and unambiguously, such as instruments, platforms, and deployments. Most of the 20+ infrastructures represented at the bootcamp indicated that pursuing ORCID integration is urgent.

This led to great news for THOR: the topic of ORCID integrations in environmental research infrastructures and, specifically, ORCID integrations guided by the ENVRI Reference Model, was selected as a highlight in the recent ENVRIplus Mid-Term Review.

The Reference Model describes the ‘archetypical’ environmental research infrastructure from key viewpoints and serves as a common framework and specification for the description and characterisation of infrastructures. It specifies ORCID’s role in relation to research infrastructures, the required computational components and how they integrate with ORCID, and clarifies that the ORCID iD is an information object manipulated by infrastructures.  

The highlight was a direct result of the THOR-ENVRIplus bootcamp, drawing on discussions raised during the bootcamp and ongoing developments since. We think this result underscores the potential of knowledge exchange between H2020 projects. By developing PID infrastructure, THOR results offer state-of-the-art technology to research infrastructures as well as expertise on techniques and approaches. Conversely, ENVRIplus and partner infrastructures can present platforms with challenging real-world problems in which THOR, and the PID community more generally, can ground their research and development results.

We look forward to continued active exploration and exploitation of synergies between the PID community and research infrastructures, be it in earth and environmental sciences or other domains, or between THOR, ENVRIplus as well as other projects.