Release Note for the THOR Dashboard

Following the release of the THOR dashboard last year, conversations with internal users, stakeholders and even the project’s reviewers have highlighted additional data and features that might serve to make the dashboard more comprehensive for the wider PID community. At the same time, available resources have changed, and THOR’s own interests have evolved as the project has progressed. In light of all this, we’ve performed a series of updates to the dashboard during the second year of THOR.

A report released today outlines these updates, as well as our considerations during the process and how others can potentially benefit from the dashboard work. The most visible update is the inclusions of some basic measures from Crossref, but a number of operational improvements were made behind the scenes to improve the scalability and robustness of the dashboard. The report also highlights challenges and lessons learnt throughout the process of developing and maintaining the dashboard. These include design limitations and our experiences of designing tutorials to instruct others in creating similar services, as well as the common issue of scope creep.

It is our hope that others can follow our work on the THOR dashboard to develop other useful services for the PID community. Our experience with the dashboard indicates that there is still quite a way to go in pursuit of comprehensive PID metrics, but THOR is making big strides along this path.

The dashboard is available to view on the THOR project website.