Research Graph & VIVO Interoperability enabled by persistent identifiers

In the Research Graph project, we are connecting research data to publications, grants and researcher profiles. The core component is the Switchboard software [1] by the Research Data Alliance DDRI working group, and now this system has a new capability to exchange data with the VIVO platform. The group has received significant input from Dryad, DataCite, CERN, ANDS and other THOR project partners.

At the Open Access Repository Conference (OR2017), Dr. Mike Conlon — director of the VIVO project — presented the interoperability between VIVO Ontology and the Research Graph data model. In his presentation [2], Mike demonstrated how the VIVO software can be used to provide researchers with a highly accessible interface to explore collaboration networks derived from the Research Graph network of scholarly works.

VIVO [3] originated at Cornell University and was developed as an open source enterprise system with funding by the US National Institutes of Health 2009-2012.  VIVO uses a collection of ontologies, including the VIVO Integrated Semantic Framework (VIVO-ISF [4]) to represent scholarship, and it is in use at more than 150 sites in 26 countries.  

The adoption of ORCID iDs and DOIs has been a key enabler for this project and connecting publications and researchers using these identifiers has empowered us to link records across systems with heterogeneous metadata. Furthermore, we are working on finding a comparable approach for the grant records. Crossref Funder Registry provided us with a method of connecting funder records; however, there is a gap in the sector for the grant identifier.

The interoperability between the Research Graph and VIVO can result in a network of open access scholarly communication, and it can lead to large-scale, open, linked data that would support research discovery.


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