Australian National Data Service (ANDS)


Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

The Australian government recognises the need for Australian researchers to have unprecedented access to data, enabling more efficient and more new research to be conducted in a richer data environment which can address major research challenges. To enable this, the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) was established focusing on bringing about four transformations to data – from unmanaged to managed, from disconnected to connected, from invisible to findable and from single use to reusable – that will enable Australia’s research data as a whole to become a national strategic resource.

To this end ANDS is partnering with research institutions across Australia to create and build the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) – a cohesive national collection of research resources – to provide:

x A set of data collections that are shareable
x Descriptions of those collections
x An infrastructure that enables populating and exploiting the commons
x Connections between data, researchers, research, instruments and institutions

The ARDC is a meeting place for researchers and data, designed to make better use of Australia’s research outputs; enable Australian researchers to easily publish, discover, access and use data; and enable new and more efficient research.

ANDS has initiated and supported a number of significant national services to enable researchers and research institutions to improve their research data management, leading to routine publication of their data with persistent identifiers into data stores that feed information to the ANDS collections registry. In addition, researchers will be able to find a wide variety of datasets through a variety of discovery paths.

Most importantly ANDS will have engaged the research community to the extent that researchers see publishing their research data as their default practice.

As part of the ANDS collaboration in ODIN project (ORCID and DataCite Interoperability Network), ANDS has invested in developing the social and technical capacities of Australian research institutions in adopting persistent unique identifiers for connecting research data collections to researchers, research grants.

The Australian National Data Service was established in January 2009. ANDS is supported by the Australian Government. The ANDS Project partners are Monash University (lead institution), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Australian National University (ANU).